Cannabis-Infused Edible Products

Buying edibles is a simple way to add a little extra wellness into your daily intake of food or drink. They’re discreet and incredibly easy to use. Edibles take on many forms, and whether you choose to eat or drink your cannabis, it certainly offers a very different experience compared with vaping and smoking.

Edibles are infused with highly concentrated cannabis extract. They offer a discreet yet highly effective way to deliver the goodness of cannabis to your body without having to smoke it.

How to Take Edibles

You can consume an edible orally when you swallow it, or it is taken sublingually. This is when it goes underneath the tongue and gets rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Foods that contain cannabis are usually taken orally.

Tinctures, sprays, and oils can be used both sublingually and orally.

This has become a common term in our industry, but it’s a good one.
If you’re new to edibles or cannabis, then it’s important to take your time when getting started. Even if you’ve consumed cannabis in the past, edibles need to be consumed conservatively, to begin with.

Try different doses, products, delivery methods, and varieties to see which you enjoy best.

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Start Low and Go Slow

Oral vs. Sublingual

It’s usually a matter of personal preference, but the method you choose will determine the intensity, onset, and duration of the effects. Sublinguals offer the quickest effects but have a lower intensity and a shorter duration overall. Orally ingested edibles last for longer and have a greater effect while also being incredibly discreet.

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