Cannabis Holidays Should Be Celebrated

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For marijuana smokers, it’s obvious that April 20 is the biggest marijuana holiday on the calendar, and it’s such a cultural phenomenon that even non-marijuana smokers know what 4/20 means. The phrase has crept into common vernacular, and even little old ladies know what the term means. However, there are several other marijuana holidays that should be celebrated every single year.

Cannabis reform is beginning to spread across the country which means that celebrating marijuana holidays can be done without shame or embarrassment. Colorado, Washington, and California started the ball rolling with legalization, and several other states have joined. However, states like Oklahoma require a medical marijuana card to purchase the drug and others have legalized weed for recreational purposes. 

Here are several marijuana holidays, including 4/20:

April 20: Marijuana Christmas

April 20, or 4/20, is the most celebrated marijuana holiday of the year. It’s the one day of the year that tens of thousands of Americans gather around the country to celebrate a drug that remains largely illegal in the United States. Several states have legalized marijuana, medically or recreationally, and more states are following their lead. Now, April 20 is cherished by weed smokers all around the world, and massive crowds form to smoke weed out in the open. 

There are a million rumors as to how and why 4/20 became synonymous with marijuana culture, but the most common rumor is quite simple. A group of rennagers got together every day around 4:20 p.m. to smoke weed. In 1971, five students at a California high school would meet at 4:20 p.m. by the campus’ statue of chemist Louis Pasteur to toke up. The friends chose that specific time because the school’s extracurricular activities had usually ended by then. They would say “420” to each other as code for “it’s time to smoke marijuana.”

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June 18: Jack Herer’s Birthday

Known as “The Hemperor,” Jack Herer was entrenched in the culture that he spent decades exerting all of his time and energy into cannabis activism. Because of this, his birthday, June 18, has been commemorated as a marijuana holiday. On that day, enthusiasts should smoke some of the Jack Herer strain of marijuana, the sativa-dominant strain named after the man himself.

July 10: Oils and Concentrates Day

Concentrates, cartridges, and dabs are becoming increasingly popular, and July 10 is a great opportunity to commemorate the advancements in hash-making technologies. Oils and vapes are said to be safer than smoking flower, and they’re more discreet. Oils and concentrates can often be smoked out in public because it doesn’t omit the same smell as flower. It’s also been said that “OIL” flipped upside-down reads “710.”

August 8: CBD Day​

Cannabinoid oil, also known as CBD, became popular before states started legalizing marijuana, and it was marketed for pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, and epilepsy. CBD holds great promise for advancing cannabis as medicine, and it’s appealing for those who are looking for relief without the mind-altering effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

August 8 is now “CBD Day” because it is naturally sourced and extremely versatile. You can ingest it by swallowing, vaping, or rubbing it on your skin. CBD even benefits your pets and can be used to counteract marijuana if your pet ingests a gummy or flower.

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October 2: Commemorating the Victims of Prohibition

On October 2, 1937, the United States enacted the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, outlawing cannabis, and arrests have become a daily occurrence ever since. However, marijuana has become legal in the same states that handed down very harsh sentences for marijuana possession in the past. In respect to those who have risked their freedoms fighting for the personal right to grow and consume cannabis, we honor them on 10/2.

November 6: Legalization Day

Thanks to Colorado and Washington, marijuana became legal in those states, opening the door for other states to follow. The day of legalization should be celebrated because more and more states are legalizing marijuana, at least medically. Colorado and Washington both passed recreational legalization November 6, 2012, establishing and recognizing cannabis as a regulated industry. Therefore, on November 6, visit your local dispensary and buy your favorite strain of marijuana.

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