A Complete Guide to Discrete Marijuana Use

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Medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma three years ago, but it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public. However, since cannabis is used for medicinal purposes, people need to consume the drug to help them with whatever ails them. Whether it be anxiety, stomach pain, or epilepsy, marijuana users need to be able to medicate themselves. 

Now, it’s more important than ever for marijuana users to be able to consume their medicine discreetly. There are many different discrete methods of cannabis consumption with edibles, drinks, vape pens, tinctures, and capsules. When marijuana was illegal across the United States (and that is still the case federally) enthusiasts became experts at smoking or ingesting marijuana in public without anyone noticing.

Since marijuana was discovered all those years ago, it has traditionally been smoked by users, but now that has changed in a big way. Vape pens have become a popular way to smoke marijuana, but there are some people who don’t want to inhale marijuana smoke or marijuana vape. Now, food can be infused with marijuana or you can ingest marijuana capsules. 

How To Smoke Marijuana Discreetly Out In the Open

There are marijuana users who aren’t comfortable with smoking in public and they don’t want the hassle of offending the people around them. Therefore, there needed to be ways to ingest medical marijuana while out and about. In order to do that, marijuana growers needed to find ways to ingest the drug without smoking it. 

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Vape ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Vapes

The quote “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” has been around for years and means you should do whatever you want if you have the means. Now, the means can be a vape pen loaded with a cartridge that has THC or CBD in it.  

For smokers of cigarettes and marijuana, the act of smoking is a big part of the event. It’s a ritual from the time the joint or cigarette is pulled out of the pack all the way to putting it out in the ashtray. Vaping involves a water vapor that is similar to smoke, but you won’t smell the burning of marijuana. Marijuana smoke and vapes smell quite different, and most people know the difference between the two. Vape cartridges are filled with a liquid strain of marijuana, and flavors can be added to assist with the taste and smell. 

When it comes to being discrete, the water vapor that is released from the vape pen is much better than smoke since it dissipates more quickly and rarely clings to clothes or furniture, which means there is very little smell. When vaping marijuana, you aren’t smoking directly from the plant. Vapor is an oil-based concentrate which is often stronger than smoking a regular joint or hitting a bong. 

However, vaping isn’t always an option for some people. These people prefer to ingest marijuana orally or topically rather than inhaling it.  

Yummy Gummies: Edibles

Ingesting marijuana with food has become increasingly popular for marijuana users, and there are people who have embraced cannabis consumption, creating cookbooks and cooking shows. If you can create a food or dish in the kitchen, it can almost always be infused with cannabis. Whether it be candies, gummies, chocolate bars, brownies, rice crispy treats, hors d’oeuvres, main courses, or desserts, just about anything can be infused with marijuana. 

Edibles are infused with THC, CBD, or a mix of the two. As far as benefits go, commercial edibles provide a consistent dosage compared to DIY edibles, and they are easy to store in a purse or bag. Plus, there is no smoke or vape that others can inhale near you. Your consumption of edibles do not affect the people near you in any way, shape, or form. 

However, a drawback can be how slowly the effect of the edible can take to kick in. With smoking, the effects are almost immediate, but with edibles it can take between 45 minutes to an hour to take effect. Once you’ve determined how long it takes for the compounds to reach your brain, you can plan out the experience.

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Liquid Courage: Drinks and Drink Mixes

Most marijuana dispensaries are a one-stop shop when it comes to the various ways to ingest or inhale cannabis products. When you walk into a dispensary, it is quite common to see food displays with cannabis-infused items and refrigerated coolers with cannabis drinks. There are also cannabis mixes that can be added to water bottles, transforming them into cannabis drinks. These drinks are becoming more and more popular and new flavors are being added all of the time. 

Some cannabis drinks are created to look and taste like soda pop, and other drinks are crafted to appear more like mixed drinks but without the alcohol. When it comes to discretion, a lot of these drinks look just like soda pop which is a benefit, and these drinks often take effect quicker than edibles.

Blue Pill or Red Pill: Capsules and Tablets

Nowadays, there is a pill for just about everything, and you can add marijuana to the list of pills. Marijuana is now available in pill form and works the same as edibles. These capsules can be used just like over-the-counter medication and taken whenever anxiety, stomach issues, or epilepsy rear their ugly heads. These capsules were created for patients who were prescribed marijuana from a doctor. However, in some states, capsules are available for recreational use as well as medicinal. In Oklahoma, recreational use is still illegal but those with a medical marijuana card can purchase capsules for medical use. 

Just like with edibles, capsules and pills can take between 45 minutes to over an hour to take effect. However, edibles can be kept in small bags or even your pocket, making them very discrete.

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Do It Yourself: Cannabis Edibles

When you decide to bake something, you can control how much of the ingredients to put into your creation. If you want to make it sweeter you can add more sugar. If you want it to be tangy you can add salt. The same goes for cannabis edibles. If you want them to be more or less potent you can add more or less tincture or elixir. 

We won’t go into a deep dive of how to make DIY edibles, but we will discuss the benefits of making your own gummies or desserts. In order to make cookies or brownies, you will need flower (marijuana), butter, and the rest of the ingredients for the sugary confection. The process is lengthy and starts with heating up the flower and adding butter so the marijuana will mix properly with the rest of the ingredients.

The benefits of making and eating DIY cannabis edibles are discretion and control. You can discreetly consume a cannabis edible, and you can control the amount of THC or CBD that you put in the cookies or brownies. 

Think About It: Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are just concentrated cannabis oil that are used in different forms. The most popular way to consume concentrates is a method called “dabbing” which is heating up and smoking the concentrate. It’s similar to vaping, but there isn’t a cartridge. However, a pen is generally used to heat up the product and smoke it.

There are some ways to use discretion when consuming concentrates. Whether it’s THC or CBD oils, distillate, and Rick Simpson oil (RSO) are the most popular to consume discreetly. In most cases, they can be added to almost anything you eat or drink.

There are also topical creams and transdermal patches that can be used to deliver the TCH and CBD into the bloodstream.

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Final Thought on Discrete Marijuana Use

The main thing about consuming cannabis discreetly is that there are so many choices that at least one could be a benefit to you. From vape pens and edibles to topical creams and drinks, the list of delivery methods continues to grow and grow. 

The growing demand for subtle forms of consumption has led to the creation of these various types of cannabis products, and these innovations will allow you to enjoy cannabis while staying comfortably discrete about it.

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